Solar Junction Triple Junction Solar Cell (TTJ and SMCC)
Solar Junction’s triple junction solar cell products (TTJ and SMCC) are three-junction compound semiconductor devices designed to meet the requirements of our CPV and Space Power customers. Typical cell sizes range from 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm to 2 cm x 2 cm with mean production efficiencies exceeding 30% AM0 and 42% under concentration.

The TTJ terrestrial product provides the following benefits over the competition:

  • Highest efficiency, commercially available CPV solar cell in the world.
  • Proprietary lacttice-matched architecture ensures long-term reliability for 25 to 30 years ‘on sun’.
  • Designed and proven to operate at concentrations beyond 4000 suns.

Solar Junction Four Junction Space Solar Cell (SQJ)
Coming soon.

Other Products
Solar Junction leverages its dilute nitride materials platform to design and develop innovative new products across a broad range of semiconductor industries, from terrestrial and space solar power to lasers, sensors, and detectors. For additional information contact:


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