Solar Junction is currently hiring. We are accepting resumes/CVs for the following positions:

Member of Technical Staff, MOCVD Development

The Member of Technical Staff would be a responsible for developing and optimizing MOCVD epitaxial growth capability at Solar Junction. MOCVD capability will be combined with the Company’s existing MBE know-how to develop optimized epitaxial material for high-efficiency, lattice matched solar cells. Hands-on experience in MOCVD growth of epitaxial material for multi-junction solar cells is required.

For further information, please review the attached document.

Epitaxy Scientist

The Epitaxy Scientist would be responsible for developing advanced dilute nitride materials for best-in-class multi-junction solar cells for space applications, creating & optimizing MBE epitaxial growth structures & recipes, designing, planning & executing DOEs, and defining & implementing MBE tool and processing quality controls. Expert knowledge, hands-on experience, and solid communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced team environment is required.

For further information, please review the attached document.

Process Sustaining Engineer, Wafer Fabrication

The Process Sustaining Engineer, Wafer Fabrication, would be responsible for sustaining and improving all current and future photolithography and etch processes, generating travelers for wafer fabrication process for III-V semiconductors & resist coat and exposure manufacturing process procedures, working knowledge of applied statistics (SPC/DOE) & standard operating procedures (SOP), and designing, executing & analyzing experiments.

For further information, please review the attached document.

Facility Manager (Semiconductor)

The Facility Manager must have practical experience with facilities in semiconductor, solar, and/or equivalent. The primary focus will be on managing the facility support to the company’s core R&D and manufacturing activities via working with outside contractors in design and installation of facility systems, creating operational procedures and conducting preventative maintenance activities, which include daily and weekly site inspections. This position also need to manage, and update the preventative maintenance system and logs, conduct system repairs as needed, as well as support site equipment improvements, site expansion activities, and project management. This role requires an individual that can efficiently interface with site personnel and regulatory inspectors as needed.

For further information, please review the attached document.

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