About Us

Solar Junction is a commercial-ready manufacturer of the industry’s high-efficiency solar cells and receivers for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems. We were founded with investment from New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to commercialize materials science breakthroughs pioneered by our founders while at Stanford University. Their CPV market-enabling breakthrough was an Adjustable Spectrum Lattice Matched sub-cell material, exclusively licensed to Solar Junction. We have productized this breakthrough and are delivering increased cell efficiency under the highest concentrations with > 40 % mean efficiency at 1000x. Our technology drives a long-term sustainable industry-leading efficiency roadmap while maintaining the current lattice match paradigm that has served as the basis for high-efficiency cell reliability.

In addition to the initial investment by NEA we have received follow-on investment from NEA, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) and Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV) for a total investment in excess of $33 Million. Solar Junction is a 2010 recipient of a $3 Million Department of Energy PV Incubator subcontract.

Solar Junction is located in San Jose, California. Our headquarters houses a production line capable of manufacturing 7 MWs today which is expandable to 250 MWs within our 55,000 square-foot building.

Manufacturing capabilities

Complete, In-House Production Line
Solar Junction’s extensive history in semiconductor device manufacturing allowed us to appreciate the critical importance of the coupled manufacturing process - between device design / optimization, material growth, fabrication and performance testing – required to deliver a state-of-the-art multi-junction solar cell. As a result of this understanding, Solar Junction introduced World-Class semiconductor manufacturing approaches to the manufacture of multi-junction solar cells when commissioning a complete, in-house production line. The closed loop manufacturing process, highlighted below, enabled Solar Junction to deliver market-leading cell efficiencies within an extremely short period as compared to the multiple decades existing incumbents have been producing solar cells.

About Us Production

Independent of the rate of efficiency enhancements achieved by Solar Junction, the in-house production line yields quick turn-around-times for optimization of Solar Junction’s solar cell to CPV module manufacturer’s optics or deployment location. In addition, commissioning of the production line provides a template as we scale to increased manufacturing volumes.

About Us

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